Fear by Patrick Harrington

We live our lives in fear. Fear of losing the ones close to us. Fears of not fitting in. Do we really need any more fear?

I am the more skeptical one on the podcast. I have learned to question as much as I can, and this has led me down a rabbit hole of skepticism.

I lost my father at a very young age. The longing to not let go of him made me very open to the idea of the supernatural. Or, more importantly, ghosts.

It started pretty mildly with my friends and I playing with ouija boards. I moved the piece around the board with my own hands, but I wanted to believe that it was a ghost or a spirit. Still, weird things would happen when I did this. Lights would go out. Furniture would somehow move. My friends and I would hear sounds.

Fear the night
It started pretty mildly with playing with ouija boards.

It was pretty scary stuff for a thirteen-year-old boy. But today I believe those things happened because my friends and I wanted to mess with each other.

As a young adult, I got into spirituality. I tried to summon spirits and tell the future. I moved into paganism, which I loved. I loved learning about different spells and different herbs. I was fascinated with every step that I took. I even got a pentagram tattoo. But this nagging feeling kept coming over me that I really didn’t believe in what I was practicing. So I stopped.

I tell you all this because I want you to understand my background. My initial thought when I hear a ghost story is to want to believe it. But there’s a part of me that forces me to question it. To question everything.

I am not saying that anyone is wrong in their beliefs because I really think there are many paths that eventually lead us to the same point. By no means do I think that people are wrong or stupid for their own beliefs. It’s just in my nature to question them.

We live with enough fear in the real world. I refuse to live in fear of something I have no proof of.

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