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Coming Halloween 2018

Ghostly will be a bi-weekly podcast that debates Ghost Stories or other Super Natural Legends. One person will always be a skeptic and the other will be an open-minded / believer.

We are seekers of the truth and explorers of the supernatural. The podcast is a way to explore the idea of ghost/spirits. Is it possible that they live amongst us? Maybe some people don’t die but are forever stuck in the world of the living. Spending their days living out their horrific and untimely ends. 

You can be the judge in our poll – Do you believe in ghosts. Each week we will talk about the polls on the podcast.

This podcast came about from a simple FaceBook poll that asked if you believe in ghosts. I was shocked to see how many people do. Within my group of friends, there are a lot of believers.

I thought it would be a good idea to explore this idea. I am a skeptic, but I want to be proven wrong. Through facts and evidence.

Halloween was always my favorite time of the year. You could be anything you want to be, and nobody questioned you for doing it. The night air was crisp (at least here in Chicago). The world looks so much different around Halloween time. 

As a kid, I believed in ghosts, and I loved that thrill of being scared. As adults, it’s so much harder to feel that. That feeling that started in your gut, but went all the way to your skin. The goosebumps. The feeling of butterflies in your stomach.

Do you remember having that feeling that everything had the potential to be real? Every story you heard you had to question. 

So, explore this idea with us. We can all become believers together.

Halloween 2018 is coming.

Podcast Coming Halloween 2018
See you soon

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