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Are Ghosts and Spirits the same?

“I like to say I believe in ghosts so I don’t get haunted by one.” — Ella Henderson

I’ve had this question asked to me a few times since announcing this podcast. This is what I believe; please comment if you have a different answer. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

A large percentage of people throughout the world believe in the idea of being haunted by ghosts and spirits. Both were brought up in the bible. And, there are countless ghost stories through the history of the world. 

Let’s start off by saying that in a way ghosts/spirits are the same. They are both what’s left over after someone dies. Many cultures believe that human beings have a soul, and this soul departs from the earthly body when someone dies. But I think that there is a difference between the words ghost and spirit.

What are ghosts?

When I think of ghosts, the first image that comes to mind is a semi-physical entity. I usually think of this entity as being stuck in the world. Often, it was a person that met their untimely end.

Some would say that for this ghost to enter whatever afterlife you believe that they need to finish something or set some record straight.

The critical element here is that they are semi-physical. At times you can see them, and they can often interact with the environment in some way. They have a physical anchor on earth. 

What is a spirit?

Spirits on the other hand usually are not something you can see, unless you possess some gift. They are the dearly departed on their journey to the afterlife. Long lost ancestors that you can call upon in times of need. They will often watch over us, and sometimes keep us from harm.

What differentiates spirit’s from ghosts is that they do not have such a secure connection to the physical world. They are often not seen, but more felt.  And, they don’t seem as miserable. Usually, spirits are our friendly guides through stressful situations.

Check out this online magazine article I found about this. SuperNaturalMagazine.com

Let me know in the comment area if you have anything to add to this topic.

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