075 Toyama Castle / Park

Is Toyama Park haunted? Listed as one of Japan’s most haunted places, Toyama Park is home to some of the most devastating stories Ghostly has ever told. Is it filled with lost souls or haunted only by painful memories?

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073 Sausage King Murder – with Mondo

Does the Sausage King’s wife still haunt Chicago? Favorite guest Mondo joins Pat and Rebecca to discuss and debate the story of the Sausage King. In 1897, the wife of Adolph Luetgert, the Sausage King of Chicago, was reported missing. Two trials later, Luetgert was convicted of killing his wife Louisa. Since her death, reports of her ghost have haunted both their former home and the sausage factory where her body was supposedly dissolved. Listen to the debate and then you decide – does Louisa Luetgert haunt Chicago?

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033 Holiday Special – Big John and the Gray Man

Pat and Rebecca tell the lore of Big John and The Gray Man. These folktales of helpful ghosts are a perfect way to continue the old English tradition of telling ghost stories at the holidays.

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013 Edgar Allan Poe

In Ghostly’s thirteenth episode, Pat and Rebecca celebrate six months of Ghostly as well as National Poetry Month by exploring the haunting history of Edgar Allan Poe and the ghostly sightings that have continued after his death. Poe’s life was full of tragedy and death is even more mysterious than his dark stories.

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