130 Crown Point Prison, Indiana

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The Crown Point Jail has a history of paranormal activity. It’s also where John Dillinger was held and escaped. In this special episode, Ghostly joined The Pair-a-Normal Guys podcast from Graveside Paranormal to talk about our in-person investigation of this very haunted place. Or is it haunted? Listen and you decide! Questions Discussed in this Episode

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127 Old Main New Mexico Penitentiary

The Old Main New Mexico Penitentiary is considered one of the most haunted prisons in America. After a bloody prison riot in 1980, people have claimed to see shadow people and experience paranormal activity. Is it haunted? Listen and you decide!

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053 Old Joliet Prison

Is Joliet Prison haunted? Pat and Rebecca explore another south suburban Chicago landmark with a haunted past – Joliet Prison. Over its 140+ year history, Joliet Prison housed thousands of inmates and has been used in several popular movies (Blues Brothers) and television shows (Prison Break, Empire). But is it haunted?

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