133 Red Lion Pub, Chicago

The Red Lion Pub is known as one of the most haunted places in Chicago. Mondo and his wife Jeanie from Haunted Emporium Magazine join Ghostly to talk about the Lavender Woman, Dirty Dan, and more paranormal events. Is it haunted? Listen and decide!

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Resurrection Revisited – Interview with Anthony Collaro

Resurrection Mary was Ghostly’s first episode. Five years later we are revisiting our favorite Lady in White with our friend Anthony Collaro. He has one of the best stories of Mary we’ve ever heard. Actually, he has a few about her and about Bachelor’s Grove. Help us celebrate five years of Ghostly with an amazing interview.

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117 Fort Dearborn

Does Fort Dearborn haunt Chicago? In this episode Pat and Rebecca are joined by fan-favorite Mondo – be sure to stick around until the end for his latest Ghostly song. They explore the history and hauntings of Fort Dearborn and the Battle of Fort Dearborn. Once located in the heart of what would become Chicago, the story of the fort is the story of the city. It’s also the story of its first ghosts. Or is it?  Listen and vote!

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104 Graceland Cemetery

Is Graceland Cemetery Haunted? Graceland is one of Chicago’s largest cemeteries. It is also an arboretum and known as “the architect’s cemetery.” But is it haunted? Listen and vote! This episode was recorded LIVE at the Blue Box Cafe in Elgin, IL as part of Side Street Studio Arts’ Elgin Fringe Festival. Thank you to our hosts and to those who joined us!

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100 Haunted Wrigley Field

Is Wrigley Field Haunted? It’s Ghostly’s 100th episode! Wrigley Field is an iconic building in Chicago and the home of the Cubs baseball team. But it’s also filled with ghost stories of past managers, announcers, and fans. Is it haunted?  Listen and vote!

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087 Most Haunted: Chicago Water Tower

Is the Chicago Water Tower haunted? Special guest host Mondo joins Ghostly to talk about one of the most haunted places in Chicago, the Water Tower on Michigan Avenue. It’s also one of the oldest buildings in the city, having survived the Great Chicago Fire. Dion McGill from Off the Beaten Podcast joins us to talk about the city we love and the Magnificent Mile area. Listener discretion advised for this episode. Listen and vote!

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073 Sausage King Murder – with Mondo

Does the Sausage King’s wife still haunt Chicago? Favorite guest Mondo joins Pat and Rebecca to discuss and debate the story of the Sausage King. In 1897, the wife of Adolph Luetgert, the Sausage King of Chicago, was reported missing. Two trials later, Luetgert was convicted of killing his wife Louisa. Since her death, reports of her ghost have haunted both their former home and the sausage factory where her body was supposedly dissolved. Listen to the debate and then you decide – does Louisa Luetgert haunt Chicago?

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Bonus Episode – Chicago’s Paranormal Panel with Ursula Bielski

Listen to Chicagoland’s spookiest podcasts, Ghostly and Bob After Dark, on Chicago’s Paranormal Panel recorded on May 8th. Pat and Rebecca are joined by Bob Anderson and Steve Michaels from Bob After Dark and Special Guest (and paranormal guru) Ursula Bielski. Nick Mataragas from Freak of the Week serves as moderator for this amazing show.

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038 The Old Chicago City Cemetery and Haunted Lincoln Park

Is the site of the old Chicago city cemetery haunted? In Ghostly’s thirty-eighth episode, Pat and Rebecca are joined by Bob After Dark and paranormal historian Jack Blu to tell the story of the old Chicago City Cemetery and haunted Lincoln Park.

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