Resurrection Revisited – Interview with Anthony Collaro

Resurrection Mary was Ghostly’s first episode. Five years later we are revisiting our favorite Lady in White with our friend Anthony Collaro. He has one of the best stories of Mary we’ve ever heard. Actually, he has a few about her and about Bachelor’s Grove. Help us celebrate five years of Ghostly with an amazing interview.

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Bonus Episode – Talking Paranormally 2 with Scott Larson and Jack Chavez

Listen to the spookiest paranormal podcasts Ghostly and Bob After Dark in Talking Paranormally for a discussion on haunted cemeteries! Cemeteries are well-known for being some of the most haunted places on earth, and this panel explores some of the creepiest ones.

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003 Bachelor’s Grove

Pat and Rebecca explore one of the most famous and potentially haunted cemeteries in America, or possibly even in the world: Bachelor’s Grove in Cook County, Illinois.

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