Ghostly Takeover: Pair-A-Normal Guys Podcast

For the month of December, we’re letting some of our favorite podcasts take over the Ghostly feed! Up first is The Pair-A-Normal Guys Podcast! Neil Gibbons and Steve Leinweber of Graveside Paranormal and the Pair-A-Normal Podcast talk about the Amityville Horror house.

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050 Amityville Horror

Is the Amityville house haunted? Pat and Rebecca explore one of the most famous ghost stories of all time – the Amityville Horror. The Lutz family fled the house on Ocean Avenue after only 28 days. They claim the same spirit that caused the oldest son of the previous occupants to kill his whole family was also attacking George. After the book and movie, The Amityville Horror came out, the debate was set. Were they telling the truth?

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