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United States2019-02-285Ttbook2Great mix of history and paranormal folkloreFrankly, ghost stories themselves are kind of boring, so I love that these two focus on the history first before delving into the reported "sightings." The hosts are funny and have great chemistry, always a plus. And I kind of dig the interactive aspect of getting to vote on the ghostly qualities of each episode. Go team skeptic!
Canada2019-02-145FRNK CSKA must hear !? 🤔A scary good time ! 😳 👻 🧐 Rebecca and Patrick are delightful.
United States2018-12-175TheTerrifyingWindowCreepy Well Researched Fun!What a cool concept! I like the way the hosts research the episodes and respect each other's point of view. It's a great way to revisit classic ghost stories and learn about some new ones.
United States2018-12-015RLK😍Ghostly Love!!I love this podcast! Pat & Rebecca bring unique perspectives on the never ending debate of "are ghosts real" vs. "are they just stories that have been fabricated over the years or is there logical reasons behind it all". They clearly do their legwork on each investigation and present it in such an entertaining way, each episode leaves me anxious for the next! Love you guys. Keep it coming!!
United States2018-12-015maryminottGreat!I’m really into stuff like this. Hearing 2 different sides to it makes you think deeper and is really cool to hear. I highly recommend this podcast! I’m definitely going to check out Bachelor’s Grove now!
United States2018-11-285Laughing Ghost StudiosSo much fun!I’ve really been enjoying listening to these on my headphones as I work in my art studio! Definitely looking forward to future episodes!!
United States2018-11-115Mr Giggles 07Like hearing about local Ghost stories.I really enjoyed the first story about Resurrection Mary grew up hearing stories about her. I like how they go out and interview people around where the story takes place and share the info and debate about it. They also seem to put a lot of research into the story. I learned more about this story then I knew before. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to hear the next story.
United States2018-10-315350 MondoExcellent Podcast!!!I love podcasts that are informative and this definitely fits the bill, excellent format they provided resources as well as different viewpoints and even went to the venues to speak with the locals who are familiar with the stories, A nice bit of humor but not over-the-top, some podcasts lose my interest because they focus on laughs instead of the story and before long I am losing interest and that is not the case with ghostly podcast, I like details and perspectives and I really enjoyed listening And will recommend these guys.
United States2018-10-215MainsSLPLooking forward to more!Such a unique concept and so well executed. They are examine Ghost stories in a Mulder & Scully style “believer vs skeptic” POV of popular ghost stories. Quality sound and professional style make listening enjoyable. A quality show!