090 Most Haunted: Bela Lugosi’s Apartment with Al Morgan

Is the Bela Lugosi apartment haunted? One of LA’s most famous haunted residences was home to one of horror’s most famous actors, Bela Lugosi. The man who helped make Dracula famous had a secret woman in his past and managed to direct his own funeral from beyond the grave. Or was it all a coincidence? Ghostly is joined by a new guest, Al Morgan from the super fun podcast From X to Z to talk about this amazing man and his legacy. Listen and vote!

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089 Most Haunted: Betsy Ross House

Is the Betsy Ross House haunted? One of Philadelphia’s most famous residences is also considered one of its most haunted. America’s first flag-maker had an interesting life. But does she now have an active afterlife? Listen and vote!

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088 Most Haunted: Screaming Bridge – Arlington TX

Is the Screaming Bridge in Arlington, Texas haunted? Following a tragic series of deaths, this bridge was removed before it could keep killing. Since then, visitors claim to hear screaming and to see ghostly headlights. Listener discretion advised for this episode. Listen and vote!

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087 Most Haunted: Chicago Water Tower

Is the Chicago Water Tower haunted? Special guest host Mondo joins Ghostly to talk about one of the most haunted places in Chicago, the Water Tower on Michigan Avenue. It’s also one of the oldest buildings in the city, having survived the Great Chicago Fire. Dion McGill from Off the Beaten Podcast joins us to talk about the city we love and the Magnificent Mile area. Listener discretion advised for this episode. Listen and vote!

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086 Most Haunted: House of Death – NYC

Is the House of Death Haunted? One of the most haunted places in New York City, the House of Death is known for ghosts, bad luck, and Mark Twain. Over the years, residents have reported paranormal activity and spectral sightings. It has also been a place of great tragedy. Listener discretion advised for this episode. Listen and vote!

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GhostlyX – Becoming A Skeptic the Pat Harrington Story

In the first-ever GhostlyX we interview Pat Harrington. Known Skeptic and creator of Ghostly Podcast. We discuss the following articles: Pat: ‘Naked alien’ snapped at UFO hot spot — news.com.au Pat: Identity […]

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085 Most Haunted: The Entity House – LA

Was the Entity House haunted? One of the most creepy places in Los Angeles, the Entity House haunting was turned into a book and a movie. A single mother, Doris Bither, and her four children were terrorized by poltergeist entities that flew open cabinets, threw pots, and physically attacked them all. Or was it something still sinister, but not paranormal? Listener discretion advised for this episode. Listen and vote!

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Happy New Year Predication Episode with The Mayfields

2022 New Year Predictions with the Mayfields

The Mayfields are back to tell Ghostly and our listeners what will happen in 2022! Jacob and Shane Mayfield take us through three methods of divination to help us see the future. As always, they are all things we can all do from home. Listen and learn what will be!

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084 Skinwalker Ranch with Jack Chavez

he world, Skinwalker Ranch is filled with stories of UFOs, animal mutilations, orbs, shadow people, and even poltergeist activity. Also, of course, reports of attacks by Skinwalkers, beings who transform into animals. Special Guest Jack Chavez, founder of Paranormal Chicago joins us to help explain the ufology and cryptology of this highly charged location. How real are the stories? Listen and vote!

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