020 Eastland Disaster

In Ghostly’s twentieth episode, Pat and Rebecca explore the Eastland Disaster, the deadliest maritime disaster on the Great Lakes. On July 24th 1915, 844 people lost their lives when the Eastland capsized. This year is the 104th anniversary of this horrific event. Since the accident, visitors to the area of the disaster as well as those in places where the bodies were taken have reported noises and visions of faces and ghost figures.

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019 Abraham Lincoln

In Ghostly’s nineteenth episode, Pat and Rebecca explore President Abraham Lincoln and the stories of his ghost. The sixteenth president of the United States had an interesting life, but one that was also filled with sadness. Since his untimely death, stories of his ghost have been told by many, including presidents and heads of state.

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018 Ouija

Check out our new merchandise Zazzle store! Visit https://ghostlypodcast.com/store for all your Ghostly merch! In Ghostly’s eighteenth episode, Pat and Rebecca explore the phenomenon known as Ouija boards. These modern talking boards have been sold in the game aisle of our favorite stores for years as a game for kids, but is it really a […]

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017 Poltergeist

In Ghostly’s seventeenth episode, Pat and Rebecca explore the curse of Poltergeist, the 1982 movie by Steven Spielberg and Tobe Hooper and its sequels. Legend says that the movie was cursed because of its dark subject matter and use of real skeletons in the original movie.

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013 Edgar Allan Poe

In Ghostly’s thirteenth episode, Pat and Rebecca celebrate six months of Ghostly as well as National Poetry Month by exploring the haunting history of Edgar Allan Poe and the ghostly sightings that have continued after his death. Poe’s life was full of tragedy and death is even more mysterious than his dark stories.

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012 Winchester Mystery House

In Ghostly’s twelfth episode, Pat and Rebecca explore the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California. The Winchester House is said to have been built by a woman trying to keep spirits at bay, but what is the truth behind this fantastical house?

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