077 Bluff City Cemetery with Tony Szabelski at Elgin Fringe Festival

Is Bluff City Cemetery haunted? Listen to a Live Ghostly episode! Paranormal investigator and historian Tony Szabelski joined us live at the Blue Box Café in Elgin, IL to talk about Bluff City Cemetery for Elgin Fringe Festival.  Learn about this haunted cemetery and hear the stories of ghosts and shadow people. Pat and Rebecca went on a paranormal investigation here with Hands On Paranormal. Did they see anything?

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076 Roff House with Graveside Paranormal

Ghostly joined with Graveside Paranormal to interview the owner of the Roff House, John Whitman. The Roff House is the location of one of the first documented possessions in the United States. Learn about the history of this amazing house and the story of two possessed young girls over 100 years ago.

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075 Toyama Castle / Park

Is Toyama Park haunted? Listed as one of Japan’s most haunted places, Toyama Park is home to some of the most devastating stories Ghostly has ever told. Is it filled with lost souls or haunted only by painful memories?

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074 Devil Made Me Do It – Conjuring

Devil Make Arne Johnson do it? The Conjuring The Devil Made Me do it is the Ed and Lorraine Warren case of legal possession. What is the real story? In 1981, Arne Johnson claimed he was possessed when he killed Alan Bono. But was he? Listen to the debate and then you decide – was he possessed by a demon?

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073 Sausage King Murder – with Mondo

Does the Sausage King’s wife still haunt Chicago? Favorite guest Mondo joins Pat and Rebecca to discuss and debate the story of the Sausage King. In 1897, the wife of Adolph Luetgert, the Sausage King of Chicago, was reported missing. Two trials later, Luetgert was convicted of killing his wife Louisa. Since her death, reports of her ghost have haunted both their former home and the sausage factory where her body was supposedly dissolved. Listen to the debate and then you decide – does Louisa Luetgert haunt Chicago?

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072 Spirit Photography

Does Spirit Photography capture images of the departed? Soon after the invention of photography came spirit photography as part of the Spiritualist movement. Since then, photographers have claimed to capture the image of those that have past on in photos.  Some say yes, but many say no. Listen to the debate and then you decide – is spirit photography real?

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071 Salem Witch Trials with Jacob Mayfield

Psychic entertainer Jacob Mayfield joins Ghostly to talk about Salem and the witch trials. In 1692, more than 100 people were accused of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts. Did condemning innocent people lead to the town being haunted? Join us to learn about the history of this event and the terrifying ghost stories people still claim to experience. Then you decide – is Salem haunted?

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069 Queen Mary

The RMS Queen Mary is often called one of the most haunted places in the world. Let’s explore this luxury ocean liner’s amazing history and then dive into it’s most famous ghost stories. Then you decide – do ghosts haunt the Queen Mary?

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068 Drury Lane – Listener Choice

Is the Drury Lane Theater Haunted? Often called the most haunted theater in the world, the Theatre Royal Drury Lane has a fascinating history on top of its numerous ghost stories. Listeners voted on this one and we are excited to share what we found. Join us in exploring the almost 400-year history of Drury Lane as well as debate the many ghost sightings there. Then you decide – do ghosts haunt Drury Lane?

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