059 Annabelle – Haunted Doll with Bob After Dark

Is the Annabelle doll possessed? Pat and Rebecca are joined by listener-favorite guest Bob from Bob After Dark to explore the stories about the world’s most haunted doll, Annabelle, who spawned three movies. One of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s most famous cases, Annabelle is surrounded by tales of teleportation, materialization, and demon claw marks. But are they true?

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New Year’s Predictions with Jacob Mayfield

In this surprise bonus episode, Pat and Rebecca are joined by mind reader, mentalist, and psychic entertainer Jacob Mayfield for a 2021 reading for Ghostly! Jacob uses home divination techniques that anyone can use without special knowledge (dice, palm reading, and cards). We hope listeners will enjoy doing some fortune-telling themselves using Jacob’s amazing resources (see below). Will Ghostly’s readings come true?

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058 Four Ghost Stories With No Debate

Pat and Rebecca continue the annual Christmas tradition of telling ghost stories. For many years, people engaged in the tradition of telling ghost stories on Christmas Eve. This episode takes a ghostly twist by including ghost stories with the history. Enjoy some ghostly tales as you settle in for Christmas.

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057 Kennedy Family Curse

Is the Kennedy family cursed? Pat and Rebecca take a deep dive into the tragedies of the Kennedy family. While most are aware of JFK and RFK’s stories, many may not be aware of the continuing heartbreak of the Kennedys, even to today. The question is…are they cursed?

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056 Mary Todd Lincoln Seances

Are Seances real? Pat and Rebecca conclude their séance series with Mary Todd Lincoln. While at the White House, Mary Lincoln famously hosted at least 8 seances. She also attended many more throughout her tragic life. Do they prove that seances are real?

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055 Houdini Seances with Jacob Mayfield

Special Guest Jacob Mayfield, mind reader, mentalist, and psychic entertainer from Chicago, will be recreating this spectacular event this year and he’s here to talk about the history of Harry Houdini and his séance. Pat and Rebecca then debate whether Houdini has ever appeared. What do you think?

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054 Interview with a Medium – Mahala Bacon

Do you believe in seances? Pat and Rebecca are celebrating October with a month of spooky episodes on seances and talking to the dead. This first episode is an interview with an internationally renowned medium, Mahala D. Bacon, Th. D. Speaking with Rebecca, Mahala answers questions about all aspects of seances and readings. What do you think happens at a séance?

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053 Old Joliet Prison

Is Joliet Prison haunted? Pat and Rebecca explore another south suburban Chicago landmark with a haunted past – Joliet Prison. Over its 140+ year history, Joliet Prison housed thousands of inmates and has been used in several popular movies (Blues Brothers) and television shows (Prison Break, Empire). But is it haunted?

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052 The Country House

Is the Country House restaurant haunted? Pat and Rebecca explore a suburban Chicago restaurant with so many ghost stories they can barely fit in one episode. Joining them this episode is special guest host and listener-favorite Mondo as well as a feature interview from Neal and Steve from Graveside Paranormal. After listening to all the stories and investigations you decide – is the Country House restaurant haunted?

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051 Dr White’s Sanitarium

Is the White Sanitarium haunted? Pat and Rebecca explore one of the most haunted sites in Texas, the White Sanitarium or the Old Insane Asylum. In the 1920’s Dr. Frank White built the White Sanitarium as a new way to help the mental ill or those with tuberculosis. The history of this place is not well known, but those in the town as well as some who have lived there claim it haunted by spirits. Is it true?

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