119 Southern Gothic Talks Voodoo Priestess Julia Brown

Did Julia Brown predict her town’s destruction? Brandon Schexnayder from Southern Gothic podcast joins Pat and Rebecca to share the story of the voodoo priestess Julia Brown from Frenier, Louisiana. Did she curse the town?  Listen and vote!

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117 Fort Dearborn

Does Fort Dearborn haunt Chicago? In this episode Pat and Rebecca are joined by fan-favorite Mondo – be sure to stick around until the end for his latest Ghostly song. They explore the history and hauntings of Fort Dearborn and the Battle of Fort Dearborn. Once located in the heart of what would become Chicago, the story of the fort is the story of the city. It’s also the story of its first ghosts. Or is it?  Listen and vote!

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116 Skeptics Day 2023

Which psychic will win? In this special Skeptic’s Day episode Pat and Rebecca host two amazing psychics – Ghostly favorite Jacob Mayfield from Mayfield Magic and Spiros, the Very Bad Fortune Teller. Whose predictions using the ancient art of tasseography using Greek coffee grounds? Listen and vote!

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