053 Old Joliet Prison

Is Joliet Prison haunted? Pat and Rebecca explore another south suburban Chicago landmark with a haunted past – Joliet Prison. Over its 140+ year history, Joliet Prison housed thousands of inmates and has been used in several popular movies (Blues Brothers) and television shows (Prison Break, Empire). But is it haunted?

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052 The Country House

Is the Country House restaurant haunted? Pat and Rebecca explore a suburban Chicago restaurant with so many ghost stories they can barely fit in one episode. Joining them this episode is special guest host and listener-favorite Mondo as well as a feature interview from Neal and Steve from Graveside Paranormal. After listening to all the stories and investigations you decide – is the Country House restaurant haunted?

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051 Dr White’s Sanitarium

Is the White Sanitarium haunted? Pat and Rebecca explore one of the most haunted sites in Texas, the White Sanitarium or the Old Insane Asylum. In the 1920’s Dr. Frank White built the White Sanitarium as a new way to help the mental ill or those with tuberculosis. The history of this place is not well known, but those in the town as well as some who have lived there claim it haunted by spirits. Is it true?

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050 Amityville Horror

Is the Amityville house haunted? Pat and Rebecca explore one of the most famous ghost stories of all time – the Amityville Horror. The Lutz family fled the house on Ocean Avenue after only 28 days. They claim the same spirit that caused the oldest son of the previous occupants to kill his whole family was also attacking George. After the book and movie, The Amityville Horror came out, the debate was set. Were they telling the truth?

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049 Gettysburg

Is Gettysburg haunted? Pat and Rebecca explore the town and battlefields of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. This town was home to the largest battle of the Civil War, which took place over three days in 1863. Today many people claim it is haunted with the souls of those that died in battle. Is it?

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047 Island of the Dolls

Pat and Rebecca explore La Isla de las Muñecas, or the Island of the Dolls. In a series of canals in Xochimilco there is an island full of dolls strung up everywhere. Julian Santana Barrera believed the canals and the island were full of spirits and that the dolls helped keep them at bay. Have they?

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Bonus Episode – Talking Paranormally 2 with Scott Larson and Jack Chavez

Listen to the spookiest paranormal podcasts Ghostly and Bob After Dark in Talking Paranormally for a discussion on haunted cemeteries! Cemeteries are well-known for being some of the most haunted places on earth, and this panel explores some of the creepiest ones.

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046 In Dublin’s Fair City

Is Dublin haunted? Pat and Rebecca visit the city of Dublin in this week’s episode to explore its history and some of its most famous haunted locations. This historic city has a long history with many rebellions, but does that history affect its oldest buildings? Are they haunted?

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045 The Bell Witch

Is the Bell’s family farm haunted? Pat and Rebecca explore the Bell Witch haunting. The Bell Witch story is one of the oldest ghost stories in the United States with many twists and turns over the years. Many consider The Bell farm and Bell Witch Cave to be one of the most creepy places on earth. Does something paranormal haunt this land?

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