GhostlyX – with Tony Szabelski

Ghostly X - Patreon Podcast
Ghostly X – Patreon Podcast

Check out a special Ghostly release of our Patreon podcast, GhostlyX. In this Patreon exclusive episode we have our listener comments from the Curse of the 9th episode, some very spooky news stories, and an awesome Ghostly X interview with Ghostly’s favorite paranormal tour guide, Tony Szabelski

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Tony Szabelski
Tony Szabelski

Interview with Tony Szabelski

This episode we have one of Ghostly’s favorite people. Tony Szebelski is a historian, tour guide, and paranormal investigator. He works as a tour guide for Chicago Hauntings Tours. He talks about how he got into the paranormal, how he prepares for his tours and his tips on how to become an investigator yourself.


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