109 Time Slips

Time slip travel to Shiozawa, Mikuni Kaidou bokushi street in Niigata prefecture of Japan. Recreation of Edo architecture. Manish Prabhune 

Do Time Slips Exist?

Do Time Slips Exist? Pat and Rebecca explore the idea of Time Slips in this episode. What happens when people suddenly seem to find themselves in a different timeline? Are they truly in another time or are they seeing ghosts? Is it real? Listen and vote!

Questions Explored in this Episode

What are time slips? What do we know about time travel? What do Einstein and Stephen Hawking have to say about it? Can we only travel backwards? What are the most famous time slip stories? Why are there certain locations in the world that seem to have more of these? Why are they often short? Are they actually ghosts?


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Time is Slipping Away
by Bennilover

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History of Time Slips

Pat explores the theories of time travel and how they might make time slips possible. Or not.

The Debate

Pat and Rebecca debate the most common stories of time slips. The people who tell these stories seem very sure of what they have experienced. But is it real?

Acrylic watercolour painting of a 'time slip', a popular concept in science fiction

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