002 The Italian Bride

Julia Buccola Letta - The Italian Bride
Julia Buccola Letta – The Italian Bride

In Ghostly’s second episode, Pat and Rebecca explore the story of the Italian Bride.  Julia Buccola Petta’s tragic story extends beyond her death during childbirth at the age of 29.  After her original burial in Mount Caramel Cemetery, her mother, Filomena, claims to have been visited by Julia’s ghost in her dreams, telling her mother to disinter her body.  What happened after her mother dug up her daughter’s body? What do the pictures tell us?  What role can science play in explaining what happened?  What can we learn from her family?  Did her spirit really haunt her mother?  Does her spirit still haunt the cemetery and nearby high school?  Join Ghostly as we explore the history and attempt to answer these questions on our second episode, The Italian Bride.

Italian Bride - Wedding Day
Wedding Day
Italian Bride - 6 Years After Death
6 Years After Death

Also included in this episode is the discussion of the history of Mount Caramel cemetery, embalming, and some other post-death information that may be a little…unpleasant…but in the best, creepy way.  

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Music for this episode was performed by Michael Rivers: Intro: III. Allegro moderato from Gargoyles by Lowell LiebermannOutro: Dream Images (Love-Death Music)by George Crumb

Italian Bride - An Offering for the Bride
An Offering for the Bride
Italian Bride
The Italian Bride
Italian Bride - Close Up
Close Up

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