Ghostly Takeover: Pair-A-Normal Guys Podcast

Podcast Takeover: Pair-A-Normal Guys

For the month of December, we’re letting some of our favorite podcasts take over the Ghostly feed! Up first is The Pair-A-Normal Guys Podcast! Neil Gibbons and Steve Leinweber of Graveside Paranormal and the Pair-A-Normal Podcast talk about the Amityville Horror house. Enjoy the episode subscribe today!


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Music for this episode was performed by Michael Rivers
Intro: “III. Allegro moderato from Gargoyles” by Lowell Liebermann
Outro: “Dream Images (Love-Death Music)” by George Crumb
Bumper: “Ghost Waltz” by Lowell Liebermann

“Pat Facts” and “Ghost Story” themes by Mondo
“Time for a Debate” theme by Gail Gallagher