New Year’s Predictions with Jacob Mayfield

Jacob Mayfield - Mind Reader, Mentalist, Psychic Entertainer

What are Ghostly’s 2021 Predictions?

In this surprise bonus episode, Pat and Rebecca are joined by mind reader, mentalist, and psychic entertainer Jacob Mayfield for a 2021 reading for Ghostly! Jacob uses home divination techniques that anyone can use without special knowledge (dice, palm reading, and cards). We hope listeners will enjoy doing some fortune-telling themselves using Jacob’s amazing resources (see below). Will Ghostly’s readings come true?

Dice: Astragalomancy

This technique dates back to Ancient Egypt and Greece. It is still popular with certain populations in Africa today and is very easy to do with the help of the text below. Make a circle on the ground, take 3 dice, roll them in the circle, and interpret.

The Ultimate Guide to Divination by Liz Dean:

Palms: Chiromancy

Palmistry is most likely the oldest form of divination in our episode. We see strong evidence of it starting in Ancient China and India and traveling to Ancient Greece. The popularity of chiromancy has gone up and down over the centuries, but overall has remained.

If you want to learn more about Palmistry, Jacob is currently doing a class called “Palmistry 101” through the event app and website Fever. It is a one-hour class where you learn to read your own palm via a Zoom webinar. More will be added soon. Register here:

Cards: Cartomancy

playing cards. Some New Age or Occult books will claim that cartomancy dates back to antiquity and nearly coincides with the invention of playing cards. However, at least in Europe, we see it around the 14th century.

As a special gift to Ghostly Listeners, Jacob has made a PDF guide for listeners. It is totally free to download from his website as a secret link:

Bonus – Tarot Card for all of 2021

Pat asks Jacob to do a reading for all of us in 2021. He pulls one card – and it’s pretty interesting and exciting!

Jacob Mayfield’s Contest for Ghostly Listeners!

What would an appearance with Jacob Mayfield be without a contest? Jacob currently hosts an hour-long class called “Palmistry 101” with the event app Fever. The event is a Zoom webinar and can be enjoyed anywhere. Price of entry is per device and we are giving out 2 tickets.

How to enter: Follow Mayfield on instagram @MayfieldMagic, and find the photo for this episode. Follow Mayfield, like the episode photo, and comment with which form of divination was your favorite from the episode and why. Winners will be selected January 8th, 2021.

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Sources and Resources for this episode

The Ultimate Guide to Divination by Liz Dean:
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Special Thanks to our guest Jacob Mayfield
Register for Palmistry Class:
Instagram: @MayfieldMagic
Youtube Channel:

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Outro: “Dream Images (Love-Death Music)” by George Crumb
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