078 Enfield Poltergeist Conjuring 2 with Bob After Dark

Enfield Haunting Home  (Image: Darren Pepe)

Was the Enfield Family Haunted?

Was the Enfield family haunted? Special guest Bob After Dark joins Ghostly to talk about The Conjuring 2 and the Enfield hauntings, one of the most documented hauntings in history. The Hodgson family claimed to be haunted by a poltergeist from 1977 to 1979. The case was so famous that Ed and Lorraine Warren even traveled to London to try and help. Listen to the debate and then you decide – was Janet possessed?

Questions Explored in this Episode

How much of the Conjuring 2 is true? How did the haunting start? Did a spirit named Bill speak through Janet? Was there a police report of paranormal activity? What kinds of paranormal activity was witnessed? How many people witnessed events? Did Janet levitate? What did Ed and Lorraine Warren think? Did the girls fake events? Who were Maurice Grosse and Guy Lyon Playfair?

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History of the Enfield Hauntings

Pat explores the history the Hodgson family and what happened during the course of the haunting and subsequent investigation. We also review the differences between the movie and actual events (or claimed events).

The Debate

Bob joins the debate with Rebecca and Pat to determine what is truth in the Enfield story. Things are not as clear as they might seem. Photography, eyewitnesses, recordings, and claims of faking…what does all the evidence mean? Listen and make your own choice.

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Thank you to Bob Anderson from Bob After Dark for joining us and making another episode even more fun!

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