Bonus Episode – Talking Paranormally Haunted Hotels with Tony Szabelski

Talking Paranormally – Tony Szabelski, Ghostly, and Bob After Dark

Bonus Episode! Listen to the spookiest paranormal podcasts Ghostly and Bob After Dark in Talking Paranormally for a discussion on haunted hotels! Hotels are well-known for being some of the most haunted places on earth, and this panel explores some of the creepiest ones. The podcast hosts, Pat Harrington, Rebecca Rivers, and Bob Anderson will be joined by moderator David Vox Mullen from The David Vox Mullen Show and EPH612 and Special Guest Tony Szabelski, one of Chicago’s foremost paranormal investigators, historians, and tour guides with appearances on the Biography Channel’s My Ghost Story and the reboot of Psychic Kids.

Stanley Hotel

Paranormal Stories

Congress Plaza Hotel in downtown Chicago, IL

Tony shares the history of one of the most haunted spots in all of Chicagoland. He describes the ghost of the little boy often seen around the hotel as well as some of the creepiest stories from those that work there. Tony also shares some of his own personal paranormal experiences in this famous hotel. Bob and David also tell their own spooky stories from the Congress.

The Ambassador Hotel in Milwaukee, WI

Bob After Dark tells the story of the Ambassador Hotel in Milwaukee, WI where Jeffrey Dahmer killed his first victim. This is a time when true crime and the paranormal meet.

The Langham Hotel in London, England

Pat and Rebecca from Ghostly dive into the history and ghostly stories of one of the world’s most haunted hotels, the Langham in London, which also has one of the most haunted rooms. Pat shares that this hotel has hosted some of the world’s most famous people as guests, including Mark Twain and Princess Diana. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle also used it as a setting for two of his Sherlock stories, “A Scandal in Bohemia” and “The Sign of Four.” Rebecca explores the many ghosts found throughout the hotel, but most especially in Room 333. One of the most famous is a Victorian Man who appears first as a ball of light before taking shape.


Tony Szabelski

Tony grew up in the old town neighborhood of Chicago, where he learned to appreciate the great architecture of the city . He attended St Michael and St Angela schools and graduated from St Patrick High School before going on to attend Loyola University and The College of Dupage. Tony is a long-time paranormal investigator with various teams in the Chicago area, including Hands on Paranormal and Chicago Hauntings Tours. He has appeared on My Ghost Story on the Biography Channel and on Fox news in Chicago, as well as on the reboot of Psychic Kids and WGN News. He started as a tour guide with Haunted Hometowns Corporation in 2011, doing ghost tours and cemetery ghost hunts in suburban Chicago, and loves showing visitors and natives the haunted history of our storied region, especially haunted hotels.

Bob Anderson

Bob is the host of the paranormal podcast, Bob After Dark. He has been a paranormal enthusiast since he was a wee-lad. Bob has dabbled in many aspects of the spooky world from both research and investigations. He is sort of a Swiss-Army-Knife in the occulty world, knowing a bit about not only ghostly hauntings, but cryptozoology, and demonology. Bob also helps people with any sort of paranormal phenomena that they may be experiencing. He has some great stories on haunted hotels.

Rebecca Rivers

Rebecca is a co-host and the resident believer of Ghostly Podcast. She has been interested in the paranormal and all things spooky since childhood. Rebecca is also the host of the The Walking Dead Podcast on the DVMPE network and can be heard on multiple Memoriam Development Podcasts, including Freak of the Week and Mr. Wiggly’s Moist and Happy Friendship Garden. Rebecca received her Master’s degree in English Literature from DePaul University and loves sharing Creepy Bedtime Stories on Ghostly’s YouTube channel.

Patrick Harrington

Pat is one half of Ghostly and The Walking Dead podcast on the DVMPE network. While Patrick is a known skeptic he has a love of everything spooky. You can find Pat on almost all Memoriam Development Podcasts or watching the live streams of Bob After Dark when he’s not behind the microphone.

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Music for this episode was performed by Michael Rivers
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Special thanks to our Bob from Bob After Dark. Find Bob on Facebook @bobafterdark and listen to Bob After Dark wherever you find great podcasts. Thanks also to David Vox Mullen from EPH612 for acting as moderating. Find David at @DVM Production Empire. And deepest thanks to Tony Szabelski for being an amazing guest. You can join him for a tour at