040 Microclimates and the Paranormal


Is Some Paranormal Evidence Really Just Microclimates?

Is some paranormal evidence really just microclimates? In Ghostly’s fortieth episode, Pat and Rebecca are joined by friends of the podcast Nick Mataragas from Memoriam Development and Bob Anderson from Bob After Dark. They all take a dive deep into a frequent topic on Ghostly: Microclimates. When talking about paranormal activity, believers and skeptics often debate if a cold spot is just a microclimate. But is that true? Join us for an Opposite Day where Rebecca takes on the history and Pat gives the skeptic evidence.

Questions Explored in this Episode

What are microclimates? When and where do they occur? What causes microclimates? What are some famous examples? Are there paranormal stories involving microclimates? How do paranormal investigators use microclimates when studying a haunting? What stories has Ghostly told that might involve microclimates?

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Listener Mail and Questions

Listener mail this time is from Bob After Dark involving a famous band and a ghostly interruption. Have a story (of a ghost or of a paranormal mystery solved) or question of your own (or someone you know)? Send your story or question to info@ghostlypodcast.com and we might read it on the podcast. You could be on a future episode of Ghostly!

Ghost Story

Opposite Week means this time Pat tells the ghost story. It’s personal and it involves some scary graveyard exploration.

History of Microclimates

Listen to Rebecca share information about what microclimates are and how they are formed. The six main ways include the sun, topography, water, vegetation, soil, and structures. Microclimates are helpful with farming as well as urban planning. Many coastal areas have a lot of interesting microclimates, and they can cause a lot of curious phenomena.     

Time for the Debate

Pat offers several paranormal stories that potentially involve microclimates, which includes stories from the Iroquois Theater Fire, Alcatraz, Monk’s Castle, and Napa Valley. Nick, Bob, and Rebecca all share their ideas of what’s a microclimate and what’s a paranormal phenomena before a final debate to seek the truth.

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Find out what listeners said for The Conjuring episode – was the Perron family home haunted? Still need to listen to our previous episode? Check it out here.

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Special Thanks to our Guest Hosts

Nick Matagragas – Memoriam Development, Nick Mataragas Creative

Bob Anderson – Bob After Dark

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Music for this episode was performed by Michael Rivers
Intro: “III. Allegro moderato from Gargoyles” by Lowell Liebermann
Outro: “Dream Images (Love-Death Music)” by George Crumb
Bumper: “Ghost Waltz” by Lowell Liebermann