039 The Conjuring – The Haunting of the Perron Family

Vera Farmiga inspects a spooky prop on the set of “The Conjuring.”(Michael Tackett)

Was the Perron Family Home Haunted?

Was the Perron family home haunted? In Ghostly’s thirty-ninth episode, Pat and Rebecca dive deep into the story behind the movie The Conjuring. The Perron family claims to have lived with at least nine ghost for 10 years. After they had had enough, the Perrons called on the Warrens, famous paranormal investigators, to come and investigate. The movie portrays some of the story, but the original story turns out to be even more interesting and frightening than the movie. Did the Perrons experience paranormal phenomena?

Questions Explored in this Episode

Who are the Perrons? What is true and what is false about the movie The Conjuring? Who are Ed and Lorraine Warren, and what did they claim was happening at the Perron home? Were they telling the truth about what happened? What does Andrea Perron, the oldest daughter, claim about the family’s experience? Do we have any stories from other family members? What paranormal activity did the Perrons claim to see and how did they react? Did anything paranormal happen on the set while filming the movie? Is the house haunted?

Listener Mail and Questions

Listener mail from our Ghostly Society talking about a ghost named Bob. Bob has been around a long time, and he seems to like spaghetti. Have a story (of a ghost or of a paranormal mystery solved) or question of your own (or someone you know)? Send your story or question to info@ghostlypodcast.com and we might read it on the podcast. You could be on a future episode of Ghostly!

PMYCXH Prod DB © Warner Bros. - Evergreen Media Group - New Line Cinema - The Safran Company / DR CONJURING: LES DOSSIERS WARREN (THE CONJURING) de James Wan 2013 USA avec les vrais Lorraine Warren et Ed Warren photo d'archive
PMYCXH Prod DB © Warner Bros. – Evergreen Media Group – New Line Cinema – The Safran Company / DR CONJURING: LES DOSSIERS WARREN (THE CONJURING) de James Wan 2013 USA avec les vrais Lorraine Warren et Ed Warren photo d’archive

Ghost Story

Rebecca tells this week’s story through the diary of a little girl based on the claims of the youngest Perron daughter and her “imaginary” friend. Who was her friend, and why didn’t she tell anyone?

History of the Perrons and the Home in Harrisburg

Listen to Pat give the twisting history of what the Perrons claim happened when they moved into their new home in Rhode Island. From foul smells, hair pulling, and ghostly kisses good night to ghost sightings throughout the house, the details of the Perron’s story make a compelling tale. However, when Pat looks into what the family and the Warren’s claim about the history of the house and who might be haunting it, he finds some debatable information.    

Time for the Debate

Pat starts of the debate this time by poking at the history and story given by the Parrons. Rebecca then covers the paranormal activity both with the Perrons and with the movie. They debate what is true, and then you, the listener, decides.

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Poll Results

Who won this week’s poll? Is the Old Chicago City Cemetery haunted? Still need to listen to our previous episode? Check it out here.

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Music for this episode was performed by Michael Rivers
Intro: “III. Allegro moderato from Gargoyles” by Lowell Liebermann
Outro: “Dream Images (Love-Death Music)” by George Crumb
Bumper: “Ghost Waltz” by Lowell Liebermann