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034 The Tarot

Three cards from a Visconti-Sforza Tarot deck. Featuring: Ace of cups, Queen of coins and the Knight of staves.
Bonifacio Bembo (original) - http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bild:Viscontisforzatarot.jpg

Can Tarot Cards be used to Predict the Future?

Can Tarot Cards be used to Predict the Future? In Ghostly’s thirty-fourth episode, Pat and Rebecca explore the mysterious world of Tarot Cards. Many believe that these cards hold the power to predict the future and give advice. But can they?

Tarot Card Collection Photo by Rebecca Rivers
Tarot Card Collection Photo by Rebecca Rivers

Questions Explored in this Episode

What are Tarot cards? What is the history of the cards and why were they created? How are they used today, and who uses them for mystical purposes? What other uses do tarot cards have? What are the rules for doing a tarot reading and are there some rules that aren’t true? Can anyone read tarot cards? What do the cards mean, and what is the best way to learn how to read them? How should I act as a reader, and how should I act as a questioner? Can tarot cards be used to predict the future?

Rebecca Does A Reading For Ghostly

Listener Mail and Questions

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Ghost Story

Listen to Rebecca tell the rules of how to conduct a tarot reading.

History of Tarot Cards

Listen to Pat give the history of tarot cards. After exploring when the cards were created and why. Pat explores the evolution of how they have been used over the centuries. Surprisingly, they have not always been used for psychic readings. Even today they have many different uses.

Time for the Debate!

Join Pat and Rebecca for a good old-fashioned debate on the meaning behind tarot cards. They also debate how they are used. You might be surprised at the turn this debate takes on the morality readings.

Sample of Ghostly's Tarot Reading Photo by Patrick Harrington
Sample of Ghostly’s Tarot Reading Photo by Patrick Harrington

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Intro: “III. Allegro moderato from Gargoyles” by Lowell Liebermann
Outro: “Dream Images (Love-Death Music)” by George Crumb
Bumper: “Ghost Waltz” by Lowell Liebermann

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