032 Hull House, Jane Addams, and the Devil Baby

Is Hull House Haunted?

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Is Hull House haunted? In Ghostly’s thirty-second episode, Pat and Rebecca and special guest Mondo explore Jane Addam’s Hull House and the Devil Baby in Chicago. Visitors often call Hull House one of the most haunted locations in the city. In its heyday as a settlement house, legends told of a devil baby born and kept at the mansion. Stories of a woman in white and other spirits draw visitors from all over the world. But is it haunted?

Questions Explored in this Episodes

What was Hull House? What is it today? Who was Jane Addams and what did she accomplish at Hull House and in her life? Who was Charles Hull, the house’s namesake? What were the stories about the Devil Baby, and were those stories real? Who haunts the second floor? Why did those who lived there keep a pitcher of water by the door to the attic? What man or men haunt the staircase and make the chandelier move? Can you hear little girls playing around the fountain? Is Hull House haunted?

Listener Mail and Questions!

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Hull House Fountain  photo by Rebecca Rivers
Hull House Fountain photo by Rebecca Rivers

Ghost Story

Listen to Rebecca tell a ghost story inspired by the paranormal sightings at Hull House and learn some history as well.

History of Hull House, Charles Hull, and Jane Addams

Listen to Pat and Rebecca give the history in this extra long episode. Pat explores the amazing philanthropic background of Charles Hull and his heir, Helen Culver before discussing Hull House itself and the legend of the Devil Baby. Rebecca covers the history of Jane Addams, including her life and all the social work she inspired.

Jane Addams

Time for the debate!

Join Pat, Rebecca, and Mondo for a debate on all the different ghost people have claimed to see over the years at Hull House. Everyone lays out their best case, so then you the listeners can decide. Who do you believe?

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