027 The Exorcism of Emily Rose (Anneliese Michel)

Still from The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Was the Exorcism of Emily Rose (Anneliese Michel) Real?

Was the Exorcism of Emily Rose (Anneliese Michel) Real? In Ghostly’s twenty-seventh episode, Pat and Rebecca continue their exploration of exorcisms by taking a closer look at the real story behind the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose. The movie is based on the real life of Anneliese Michel and her claim of being possessed. Her death after receiving the rite of exorcism led to criminal charges for her parents and the priests involved. Was Anneliese (aka Emily Rose) really possessed by demons?

Questions Explored in this Episode

Who is Anneliese Michel? What is the history of her illness? What odd things happened to Anneliese? How similar is the movie to the real story? At what age was Anneliese when she started experiencing symptoms of possession? Was the treatment given by the medical establishment correct? What did the parents do to help their daughter and did the priests follow the rites of exorcism correctly? Did Anneliese see the Virgin Mary? Was her death a way to save those who have fallen off the path to righteousness or criminal negligence by her parents and priests?

Listener Mail

Submitted by Anne Liis, this story details some VERY creepy poltergeist sightings and happenings in her home. Have a story of your own? Send your story or question to info@ghostlypodcast.com and we might read it on the air. You can also email us individually at pat@ghostlypodcast.com or rebecca@ghostlypodcast.com. You could be on a future episode of Ghostly!

What is the History of this Exorcism?

Listen to Pat give the history of the real story behind the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose. A young woman named Anneliese Michael experienced symptoms of what doctors said was epilepsy but what she and her parents came to believe was a possession by multiple demons. They found priests willing to perform exorcisms, 67 of them in all. When Anneliese died in 1976, the priests and the parents were charged with negligent homicide.

What Spooky Stories of Exorcism are told?

Rebecca adds to the story by going into the claim that Anneliese saw the Blessed Mary, who asked her to choose if she wanted to suffer and die to serve as a call to those who have fallen in their faith or to have the demons removed through an exorcism and she could live out her life. What did she choose? Also learn about the trial and whether the priests and parents were convicted of her death.


We are saving the debate for Exorcisms until the final episode of the month, so there will not be a poll for this episode yet. But keep talking and thinking if you believe in possession and exorcisms. Was it right that her parents were charged? What about the priests?

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Sources for this Episode

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Special Thanks to Listener Anne-Liis for sharing her story!

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