Interview with an Exorcist

026 Interview With An Exorcist

What is an Exorcist?

EPH 612

What is an Exorcist? In Ghostly’s twenty-sixth episode, Pat and Rebecca interview the host of EPH 612, David Vox Mullen, to learn what it’s like to be an exorcist. We learn not only about exorcism, but also what happens to a person to make them into an exorcist. This episode also explores what is fact and what is fiction in pop culture for exorcisms.

Questions Explored in this Episode

What is an exorcist? When are exorcisms needed? How are exorcisms performed? What are the myths surrounding exorcisms? What is EPH 612? How did what happened to David Vox Mullen as a child and as a teen drive him into his belief? What are demons? Where do they exist? Do they exist? Is there a way to protect yourself? Are exorcisms real?

Listener Mail and Questions

Listen to a new listener story! Submitted by Anne-Liis, this story is about a Ouija experience in. Have a story of your own? Send your story or question to and we might read it on the air. You can also email us individually at or You could be on a future episode of Ghostly!

Interview with an Exorcist

After the listener story, Pat and Rebecca go on a deep exploration with podcaster, friend, and exorcist David Vox Mullen. From discussions about God and demons to stories about possessed people and places, this interview takes many twists and turns. Rebecca also asks him all the questions we want to know the answers to: Does it work to know a demon’s name? How do you perform a real exorcism? How do you know who needs one? Is there a way to protect yourself?

Want to here A LOT more of David’s supernatural and exorcism stories? Listen and subscribe to EPH 612.

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Sources for this Week’s Episode

Thank you to David Vox Mullen for his openness in talking about his personal experiences with exorcisms. Check out his podcast EPH 612 for more, even spookier, stories. You can also listen to him on The David Vox Mullen Show as well as find many great podcasts (including our new one, The Walking Dead Podcast) on the DVMPE Network!

Special Thanks to Listener Anne-Liis for sharing her story!

Music for this episode was performed by Michael Rivers
Intro: “III. Allegro moderato” from Gargoyles by Lowell Liebermann
Outro: “Dream Images (Love-Death Music)” by George Crumb
Bumper: “Ghost Waltz” by Lowell Liebermann
“Graceful Ghost Rag” by William Bolcom