024 Haunted Elgin with Special Guest Bob After Dark

Bob Anderson, Anthony Di Fabio, Rebecca Rivers, Patrick Harrington

In Ghostly’s twenty-fourth episode, Pat, Rebecca, and special guests Bob Anderson and Anthony Di Fabio from Bob After Dark explore and debate two terrifying haunted locations in Elgin, Illinois with Ghostly’s first LIVE SHOW at Elgin Fringe Fest! Special thanks to Blue Box Café for being such a great venue.

Elgin Fringe Fest
Elgin Fringe Festival

Questions explored in this episode:

Why is Elgin, IL one of the most haunted cities in Illinois? What was Channing Elementary School before it was a place for children to play? What have teachers and students seen at Channing? What is the history of the Elgin Mental Health Center? What kind of treatments have been done there? Why is there a special plaque in the cemetery on the grounds? What kind of energies linger there? Are these locations haunted?

What to listen for in this special episode:

  • Ghostly opening and closing theme songs played LIVE by Michael Rivers
  • Bob After Dark’s Bob Anderson and Anthony Di Fabio bring the ghostly science to the debate
  • A photographer debating orbs (Finally the elusive Nick Mataragas makes an appearance!)


  • Ghostly’s Exorcism! In honor of our one-year anniversary and our favorite season of the year, Ghostly will bring you four exorcism-themed episodes in October. We can’t wait for these!
Ghostly's Exorcism: Four October Episodes to Unleash Your Demonic Soul
Ghostly’s Exorcism: Four October Episodes to Unleash Your Demonic Soul


Bob Anderson
Oh, hey there! My name is Bob Anderson, and I host the paranormal show Bob After Dark. I became interested in the paranormal at a very young age. It all started with watching Unsolved Mysteries as a kid, and the rest was history. As I got older, my interests grew from just ghost stories. Cryptozoology, Lore, Extra Terrestrial, and even the Occult have all gained a fancy from me. Now, I’m on a quest to teach people the stuff their textbooks do not. Give them an idea of what is out there that can not be explained.

Anthony Di Fabio
My name is Anthony Di Fabio, I was born and raised in beautiful Australia. As a child I spent most of my time immersed in nature, either on a beach watching and listening to the waves crashing onto the shore, to the stunning evenings where the moonlight and stars would seem to paint pictures across the water and sky, or in the wilderness reserves where I would feel an absolute powerhouse of energy. My explanation of these feelings of oneness and connection to the land would come many years later, as I found out about my Indigenous roots. I learnt at an early age that everything is connected in some form or another and we are all forms of energy constantly shifting to different vibrations. I’ve always been interested in the paranormal, encountering strange phenomena as a child and pre teen that I couldn’t explain. I dove into the occult studying as much as possible. Ancient ways of daily life and different religions/ practices from across the globe sparked my interest and I found the beauty in those that I encountered. There are so many things on this plane of existence that are not explainable by our own rational. Those are the things that drive me. Cheers! Anthony.

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Sources for this week’s episode:

Music for this episode was performed LIVE by Michael Rivers
Intro: III. Allegro moderato from Gargoyles by Lowell Liebermann
Outro: Dream Images (Love-Death Music) by George Crumb