Curse of The Omen Movie

011 Curse on The Omen

The Omen Movie Poster "If something frightening happens to you you today, think about it.  It may be The Omen"

In Ghostly’s eleventh episode, Pat and Rebecca explore the curse that plagued the filming of the 1976 movie The Omen. Before, during, and after the making of The Omen, many bad things happened. Were these the result of a curse?

Questions explored in this episode: What was happening during the time this movie was made? What is the movie about? What incidents happened during the movie, as well as before and after? Does the devil haunt this movie? Are these events based on a curse?  

In this episode, Pat gives the history of the movie and how it got made while giving some interesting casting information as well. Then Rebecca tells the creepy stories associated with this movie and explains why they were so unusual. 

Here is a list of the incidents…listen for more details!

• The man who had the idea for the movie as well as the producer both predicted it would be cursed.
• Lightning struck three people associated with the movie and almost hit a forth
• Several people from the movie narrowly escaped IRA bombings
• An animal trainer for one scene died
• A pack of dogs used in another scene attacked a stuntman
• Car crash that happened right after the movie mimicked a death scene from the movie.

And a few that we didn’t have time to mention!

• Gregory Peck, the movie’s main star, suffered the loss of his son two months before making the movie. In the movie, he plays a father who finds out his son is possibly the Anti-Christ and he has to decide if he’s going to kill him.
• Another stuntman from the movie felt he was “pushed” off a building on the next movie he filmed, almost killing him.

And, as always, Pat and Rebecca debate what is fact and what is fiction in these stories. Listen to both sides and decide what you believe. They go through each one, debating the evidence. Be sure to listen for the “Closing Arguments” to help you make your choice.

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Also included in this episode are, as always, poll results from our previous episode on the Iroquois Theater Fire in Chicago. (Check out the episode here if you haven’t had a chance to listen yet).

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