112 Jerome Grand Hotel

Is the Jerome Grand Hotel haunted? In this episode Pat and Rebecca explore the history and hauntings of one of the most haunted hotels in Arizona. It used to be a hospital and now visitors and staff hear and see children, patient gurneys, and more. Is it true? Listen and vote!

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2023 New Year’s Predictions with The Mayfield’s

Happy New Year! The Mayfields are back to tell Ghostly and our listeners what will happen in 2023! Jacob and Shane Mayfield take us through three methods of divination to help us see the future. As always, these predictions can be done at home. We also look back and see how we did with our 2022 predictions. Listen and learn what will be!

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Ghostly Takeover: Bob After Dark – The Devouring Gourd and The Vegetable Man of West Virginia

For the month of December, we’re letting some of our favorite podcasts take over the Ghostly feed! This week it’s Bob After Dark! In this episode, Bob discusses dangerous vegetables.

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Ghostly Takeover: Pair-A-Normal Guys Podcast

For the month of December, we’re letting some of our favorite podcasts take over the Ghostly feed! Up first is The Pair-A-Normal Guys Podcast! Neil Gibbons and Steve Leinweber of Graveside Paranormal and the Pair-A-Normal Podcast talk about the Amityville Horror house.

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092 – Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop – New Orleans

Is Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar Haunted? Ghostly is back in New Orleans exploring one of the oldest bars in the country. Pirates, treasure, spies, fire…this story has it all. Jean Lafitte supposedly used this building as his headquarters and allegedly he’s never left. Is this famous Bourbon Steet bar haunted? Listen and vote!

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090 Most Haunted: Bela Lugosi’s Apartment with Al Morgan

Is the Bela Lugosi apartment haunted? One of LA’s most famous haunted residences was home to one of horror’s most famous actors, Bela Lugosi. The man who helped make Dracula famous had a secret woman in his past and managed to direct his own funeral from beyond the grave. Or was it all a coincidence? Ghostly is joined by a new guest, Al Morgan from the super fun podcast From X to Z to talk about this amazing man and his legacy. Listen and vote!

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069 Queen Mary

The RMS Queen Mary is often called one of the most haunted places in the world. Let’s explore this luxury ocean liner’s amazing history and then dive into it’s most famous ghost stories. Then you decide – do ghosts haunt the Queen Mary?

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066 Excalibur Nightclub with Mondo

Is the site of Excalibur Nightclub haunted? Fan favorite guest Mondo joins Pat and Rebecca to examine more haunted Chicago, Excalibur Nightclub. This building has been a lot of things over the years, including the Chicago Historical Society. But no matter what it’s called, people continue to tell ghost stories about this unique building. Are they true?

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Bonus Episode – Results for Ghostly Game Show

Learn who was telling the truth and who was telling lies on the Ghostly Game Show episode with Terry Carnation, played by Rainn Wilson, from Dark Air with Terry Carnation, Bob from Bob After Dark and Nick Mataragas from Freak of the Week and Nightshade.

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