111 West Virginia Penitentiary

Is the West Virginia Penitentiary haunted? In this episode Pat and Rebecca explore the history and hauntings of this famous prison.  Visitors and tour guides claim to experience disembodied voices, strange noises, apparitions, and touches by unseen hands. Is it true? Listen and vote!

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110 Spooky Interview with Jim Harold

Jim Harold from Jim Harold’s Campfire and The Paranormal Podcast joins Ghostly to talk about all things spooky! He talks about how he got started in paranormal podcasting when there weren’t many other shows out there, how he gets his spooky submissions, some of his favorite stories and interviews, and his own paranormal experiences!

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Ghostly Takeover: Bad Taste Crime Podcast

For the month of December, we’re letting some of our favorite podcasts take over the Ghostly feed! This week it’s The Bad Taste Crime Podcast! In this episode, hosts Vicky Walters and Janelle O’Malley look at two crimes aided extensively by amateur sleuths. Enjoy the episode subscribe today!

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109 Time Slips

Do Time Slips Exist? Pat and Rebecca explore the idea of Time Slips in this episode. What happens when people suddenly seem to find themselves in a different timeline? Are they truly in another time or are they seeing ghosts? Is it real? Listen and vote!

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108 Dock Street Theatre, SC

Is Dock Street Theatre haunted? Pat and Rebecca are joined by improviser Katie Brisick to explore Dock Street Theatre, the oldest theater in the U.S. and home to ghost of the Woman in Red.  Visitors and employees also claim to see the ghost of Junius Brutus Booth, father of John Wilkes Booth. Is it true? Listen and vote!

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107 Stull Cemetery, Kansas – Gate of Hell

Is Stull Cemetery in Kansas haunted? Stull Cemetery is said to be one of 7 Gates to Hell on earth.  People claim the Devil visits on Halloween and that stairs appear, leading to the underworld. Is it true? Listen and vote!

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105 – St Louis Cemetery #1, New Orleans

Is St. Louis Cemetery #1 in New Orleans haunted? St. Louis #1 is one of the oldest cemeteries in New Orleans and is rumored to be the resting place of Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen. But is it haunted?  Listen and vote!

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104 Graceland Cemetery

Is Graceland Cemetery Haunted? Graceland is one of Chicago’s largest cemeteries. It is also an arboretum and known as “the architect’s cemetery.” But is it haunted? Listen and vote! This episode was recorded LIVE at the Blue Box Cafe in Elgin, IL as part of Side Street Studio Arts’ Elgin Fringe Festival. Thank you to our hosts and to those who joined us!

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