013 Edgar Allan Poe

In Ghostly’s thirteenth episode, Pat and Rebecca celebrate six months of Ghostly as well as National Poetry Month by exploring the haunting history of Edgar Allan Poe and the ghostly sightings that have continued after his death. Poe’s life was full of tragedy and death is even more mysterious than his dark stories.

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002 The Italian Bride

In Ghostly’s second episode, Pat and Rebecca explore the story of the Italian Bride. Julia Buccola Petta tragic story extends beyond her death during childbirth at the age of 29. After her original burial in Mount Caramel Cemetery, her mother, Filomena, claims to have been visited by Julia’s ghost in her dreams, telling her mother to disinter her body.

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001 Resurrection Mary

In Ghostly’s debut episode, Pat and Rebecca explore the legend of Resurrection Mary. The stories regarding Mary and her many hauntings stretch back to the 1930’s (or maybe even further back…) Join us as we tell her story and debate what is fact and what is fiction.

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