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One a skeptic and one a believer, partners in crime Pat and Rebecca share their favorite ghost stories before debating what fact is and what is legend.

Ghostly Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast that takes a deeper look into those ghost stories that have believers and critics. After telling each story, we will debate the truth of it. From the most popular ones to ones that are more obscure, each story will be explored using whatever evidence can be found.  Expect arguments, laughs, and, sometimes, maybe, an agreement.

Patrick Harrington

Patrick Harrington - Skeptic

A geek that enjoys religious discussions as much as talking about zombies. Forever looking to become a better human being by practicing empathy. “I believe that at any point I can be proven entirely wrong, so I hold on very loosely to my beliefs.”
I am an Actor, Improv Comedian, Podcaster, and Musician by night but a Designer of Education by day. 

Find out more about me on my blog post Fear.

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Rebecca Rivers

Rebecca Rivers - Believer

A skeptic believer who, while not immediately accepting everything as true, is open to believing there are things in the universe we don’t understand yet.  Rebecca is a nerdy academic who has been in love with all things scary since she was a child. It’s more fun to believe.
Rebecca is a teacher and a writer.  She’s also an actor, podcaster, and a bit of a gamer. 

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United States2019-07-111LevianityLove the subject matter; hate the format.Alright. So Podcoin recommended Ghostly to me based on my other podcasts and you know what? I really do enjoy the subject matter. But the format leaves a lot to be desired. Pat and Rebecca are both knowledgeable hosts and they often have their friend Mondo guest on specific subjects too! Pat is the historian and Rebecca is the paranormal expert and together they cover all angles of specific events. Then, they have the audience vote: Team Believer (do you believe that the paranormal stuff is true?) or Team Skeptic (do you believe the paranormal stuff is untrue?). That's all well and good... Except for the format of the show. I have a HUGE problem with the format of how they discuss the events being covered. This is the agenda for each episode: Pat presents the confirmed historical facts of the subject Rebecca presents the paranormal reports of the subject. And as she makes each point, Pat debates the point and pokes holes in it and generally frowns upon the paranormal. Rebecca presents her closing argument (1 min) Pat presents his closing argument (1 min) By the VERY NATURE of the format, Pat is encouraged to talk over Rebecca and shoot down her points and dissuade the audience from believing. And his rebuttles are almost always the same! If it's a place open to the public with tours, he claims that someone made up the ghost stories in order to bring tourists in. If it's not, then why didn't the people experiencing the paranormal happenstance record it? Why didn't they chase the ghost or confront it? If they didn't, then it was OBVIOUSLY fake. And he keeps saying that he "wants to believe" but he doesn't even make an effort to meet Rebecca part of the way. And don't get me started on how much it annoys me that of a man-woman duo, the man is the one who is talking SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT OF THE TIME. I have listened to every episode over the past few weeks in hopes that the format might change or that Pat might stop interrupting Rebecca or that he might at the very least vary his rebuttles. But no. I am sorry to say that is not the case. I really hope they address this issue and change their format. At the very least, I hope Pat lets Rebecca say more that two sentences in a row without jumping in to speak his piece.
United States2019-07-025Ms. BedeliaSpooky Chicago Stories, Yes Please!I love ghost stories but don’t believe in ghosts. But I love the stories that people really believe or are rooted in reality more than those that are made-up for entertainment. While I feel this podcast does have a believer bent (despite Patrick’s best efforts), it’s still comfortable for me as a skeptic, and is a delightful and creepy listen. As a born-and-raised Chicagoan stuck on the West Coast, I especially love that it takes me back to a lot of Chicago and Midwestern history (and spooky stories related to them), which I didn’t expect when I started listening. Patrick could occasionally be a bit more articulate or in-depth in his skepticism, and/or a bit more aware of the social elements- like community trauma- that contribute to ghost stories/ghost sitings rather than trying to invent or rely on “pure science” even when he doesn’t have a good scientific explanation. But I’m picking on poor Patrick because I feel us skeptics need to be convincing in our skepticism. He’s great, as is his partner host and their regular guests. He really does a great job of giving context and bringing nuance.
United States2019-06-165EntropycatLove this podIn normally not into supernatural stuff but the rapport between these two hosts makes this all worth it. I wish they would update more though *ahem* lol
United States2019-05-093Ally HotpantsGreat concept but that gets lostI want to love this podcast and I am going to continue to give it a try because the concept is phenomenal. I’m a skeptical believer so the idea of taking these stories and breaking down the reported experiences to try to suss out if there is any truth to the lore is great. However, the male host is not even remotely open to anything that doesn’t align with his closely held beliefs. Which is fine, but don’t make a podcast pretending that you’ll be open to debate. The female host is much more willing to listen to and consider the other side and even crafts nuanced and thoughtful arguments and explanations. A lot of these ghost stories do sound hokey, but it’s not a fun debate when one of the sides (even if I agree with their general belief) is just automatically dismissive because it doesn’t fit their understanding of the world.
United States2019-05-061pyrexluvI keep wanting and trying to like it but can’tJust the ridiculous comments from the male is so distracting to the story. The peshtigo fire could’ve been such a good show. He sounds SO PATRONIZING when he suggests stuff & so much so that the female often sounds defensive - all over the most ridiculous comments of his that take away from the podcast. Arguing that a lady was prob out in her nightgown at night walking? In a town where a horrific fire took place, and is said to be haunted? - something y’all talk extensively about and then here he goes.... ruins it with the weirdest most patronizing, can’t even call it skeptical- “comments”. Ugh. I tried again to listen and I can’t, I want so bad to hear about your podcast topics - but stop with the half arguing / half patronizing “you’re an idiot if you don’t see it my way” tone of voice man - like we don’t need 10 minutes of him asking her questions to “prove” his POINTLESS points. Just a waste of podcast air.
United States2019-05-015GeminiWitchBeliever with a side of skepticism.I just discovered this podcast when I first downloaded Podcoin about 2 weeks ago. I started from the beginning and am listening my way through. I am really liking the stories in this podcast so far. I have listened up to the one about the fire in the theater in Chicago so far. I like the way this is set up with the believers versus the skeptics side of things. I am a 100% believer, but I do also look at many things and see perfectly normal explanations and don’t just believe everything is ghostly. Therefore, I love listening to the debate and closing arguments sections of these podcasts after the history snd stories are told. Some things I believe are true and I really believe many places are haunted, but there are some experienced or bite of stories where I agree with the skeptics that can be attributed to something else not ghostly at all. I really love these podcasts! I think their whole set up with the history, story, debate, and closing arguments sections are great. I just can’t wait to get caught up to current time because then I can start participating in the votes too!
United States2019-04-195VGW1128Intriguing PodcastThis is a one of kind podcast that you can’t miss! Captivating ghosts stories with an entertaining host, a must listen for everyone!
United States2019-04-195TayhoneaAwesomeI personally love love love Edgar Allen Poe, and you really image the stories well! Amazing amazing!
United States2019-02-285Ttbook2Great mix of history and paranormal folkloreFrankly, ghost stories themselves are kind of boring, so I love that these two focus on the history first before delving into the reported "sightings." The hosts are funny and have great chemistry, always a plus. And I kind of dig the interactive aspect of getting to vote on the ghostly qualities of each episode. Go team skeptic!
Canada2019-02-145FRNK CSKA must hear !? 🤔A scary good time ! 😳 👻 🧐 Rebecca and Patrick are delightful.
United States2018-12-175TheTerrifyingWindowCreepy Well Researched Fun!What a cool concept! I like the way the hosts research the episodes and respect each other's point of view. It's a great way to revisit classic ghost stories and learn about some new ones.
United States2018-12-015RLK😍Ghostly Love!!I love this podcast! Pat & Rebecca bring unique perspectives on the never ending debate of "are ghosts real" vs. "are they just stories that have been fabricated over the years or is there logical reasons behind it all". They clearly do their legwork on each investigation and present it in such an entertaining way, each episode leaves me anxious for the next! Love you guys. Keep it coming!!
United States2018-12-015maryminottGreat!I’m really into stuff like this. Hearing 2 different sides to it makes you think deeper and is really cool to hear. I highly recommend this podcast! I’m definitely going to check out Bachelor’s Grove now!
United States2018-11-285Laughing Ghost StudiosSo much fun!I’ve really been enjoying listening to these on my headphones as I work in my art studio! Definitely looking forward to future episodes!!
United States2018-11-115Mr Giggles 07Like hearing about local Ghost stories.I really enjoyed the first story about Resurrection Mary grew up hearing stories about her. I like how they go out and interview people around where the story takes place and share the info and debate about it. They also seem to put a lot of research into the story. I learned more about this story then I knew before. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to hear the next story.
United States2018-10-315350 MondoExcellent Podcast!!!I love podcasts that are informative and this definitely fits the bill, excellent format they provided resources as well as different viewpoints and even went to the venues to speak with the locals who are familiar with the stories, A nice bit of humor but not over-the-top, some podcasts lose my interest because they focus on laughs instead of the story and before long I am losing interest and that is not the case with ghostly podcast, I like details and perspectives and I really enjoyed listening And will recommend these guys.
United States2018-10-215MainsSLPLooking forward to more!Such a unique concept and so well executed. They are examine Ghost stories in a Mulder & Scully style “believer vs skeptic” POV of popular ghost stories. Quality sound and professional style make listening enjoyable. A quality show!